Topical Acne Solution

I suffer from occasional acne, and I have several family members (from teenager to gracefully aged) who also needed some help in the skin department. In these modern days we are literally bombarded with a massive amount of acne fighting products, many of which are centered around a huge list of chemicals and preservatives. Disappointed and taking my abused skin with me I again turned to the tundra to try and find a unique and natural solution.

This is my Topical Acne Solution, a blend of brilliant arctic and traditional herbs. It contains a special mix of herbal oils including Cloudberry oil (to brighten), Pink Plume bistort root (to tighten), alder (to reduce inflammation and provide an antibacterial note), and a good dose of Tundra Rose (an all around balm for acne). I then added additional more well known oils to the pot to bolster these attributes, including witch hazel and tea tree oil. All in all this is a beautifully balanced oil perfect for those who need a natural and unique tool in their acne and blackhead fighting corner.

Why use this oil?  This oil has been carefully created with non-comedogenic ingredients (which means it will not clog your pores.)  It sits lightly on your skin and does not dry it out or strip your skin of it's natural defenses.  It works gently without causing more damage, and even can reduce the amount of scarring from previous acne bouts.  Though it will reduce redness and swelling almost right away, give it a few days to a week start to control the root issues of acne and blemishes. 
Just dab a tiny amount of the oil onto the affected area, great for just before bed use.

Ingredients: Olive oil, cloudberry seed and nectar oil, witch hazel, tundra rose, calendula, alder leaf, pink plume root, tea tree oil, and aloe vera oil.

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