Scent Memories / Fragrances

Skin friendly and fragrant oils that are based off of real arctic scents!  Explore our world with us!

These oils are a unique and one of a kind hand mixed blend of synthetic fragrances that are skin safe.  You will not find anything even close to these smells anywhere else!

Lichen - clean green and earthy
Wild Alaskan Rose - herbal woody citrusy rose
Ursus Arctos - dark berries and musk
Frost - sweet and subtle mint
Corvus Corax - dark, deep and sweet
Willow - green fresh wood
Avu - wild arctic flowers
Cloudberry - citrus, smooth and rich.
Labrador Tea - Dark, sharp, evergreen
Lingonberry - red berries, tart, earthy
Pilot bread - rich, sweet, gourmand
Canus Lupus Arctos - ozone, spice and leather
Noon Fire - smoke, tobacco, and hot cotton
Ursus Maritimus - salty, water, sharp

We are always looking for more ideas for new scents!

1 comment:

  1. Canus Lupus Arctos=best thing ever. :) Have now tried ALL of the scents from teh deluxe sampler, and that one is still most definitely "my" scent. Funny because smelling it in the bottle, I didn't know if I liked it much. But once it blends with my skin, it's AMAZING.