Clarifying Acne Soap

I suffer from occasional acne, and I have several family members (from teenager to gracefully aged) who also needed some help in the skin department. In these modern days we are literally bombarded with a massive amount of acne fighting products, many of which are centered around a huge list of chemicals and preservatives. Disappointed and taking my abused skin with me I again turned to the tundra to try and find a unique and natural solution.

This is my Clarifying Soap, a soap I am especially proud to present. First I created a special mix of herbal oils including Cloudberry oil (to brighten), Pink Plume bistort root (to tighten), alder (to reduce inflammation and provide an antibacterial note), and a good dose of Tundra Rose (an all around balm for acne). I then added additional more well know herbs to the pot to bolster these attributes, including witch hazel and a touch of detoxifying and exfoliating activated bamboo charcoal. All in all this is a beautifully balanced facial soap perfect for those who need a natural and unique tool in their acne and blackhead fighting corner.

You will receive one (1) cube o' soap which will come in a re-usable tin, a perfect container for throwing into a back pack or taking with you on a road trip. The soap weighs anywhere from 2.2-2.6 ounces, and will last a very long time! This soap has a very subtle herbal clean scent, suitable for use by women and men.

If you want to give this soap a try before buying the larger size see my samples section.

To make sure this soap lasts do not put the soap back in the tin wet, let it dry first before storing.

Ingredients: Tundra Rose, activated bamboo charcoal, vit E, Lavender essential oil, olive oil, cloudberry seed/nectar oil, witch hazel bark, calendula, alder leaf, pink plume root, aloe vera extract, glycerin, propylene glycol, coconut oil, triethanolamime, sodium cocoate, sodium myristate, sodium laurate, sodium stearate, sorbitol, sodium laureth sulfate, purified water, green
coloring, fragrance oil.

Please enjoy researching these herbs as much as I do!

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