Bath Tea

Arctic healing, yeast control, feminine ph balance, stress, sore muscles, skin loving goodness....

If you have been looking through my store you will see a trend:  I like natural products that work and I like products that do more than one thing at a time.  This thinking has lead to many amazing products that help people everywhere enjoy and benefit from these unique arctic herbs. 

My Bath Tea is the newest in this line of one of a kind products.  I absolutely love a good hot bath, something to ease aching muscles and soothe and calm the mind after a long day of mental and physical work.  This Bath tea combined ingredients that are aimed at feminine balance and health.  It includes One amazing arctic herb: Northern Goldenrod flowers.  Goldenrod is well known for it's healing capabilities and the arctic variety is also known to help with yeast issues and feminine PH imbalance.  I have also added other herbs and ingredients to help with muscle pain and to soften and heal the skin like epsom salts and lavender.

How to use: place the tea bag under hot running water for your bath.  Gently squeeze bag to encourage the water to dissolve the salts.  To make a stronger bath, steep the bag in a bowl of hot
water for 10-15 minutes and pour this brew into your hot bath along with the tea bag.  You can also use this as a sitz bath.  The bag will produce a pleasant herbal and floral aroma, nothing too overwhelming. 

Ingredients: Rose petals, calendula petals, lavender flowers, northern goldenrod flowers, epsom salt, sea salt. 

I do chop my flowers up to help them steep easier and faster so don't be alarmed if a tiny bit of plant material escapes. 

You will receive two large bath tea bags, that measures about 4 inches by 5.5 inches, in plastic for freshness.  They will come to you in a cute little kraft pillow box.

All the information offered on uses of herbs are created for educational purposes only and should not be considered any sort of medical advice for anyone. All information and recommendations are not directly meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease or illness. It is essential for every reader to always check with his or her physician or any qualified health care specialist prior to following any advice or taking any product mentioned on here. 
Please enjoy researching these herbs as much as I do!

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