Arctic Teas

I offer both the tea bags and the loose leaf tea in my store!  They are only available while supplies last, and I may run out of a few through the seasons so get them when you can!

Fireweed Tisane - This fragrant non-caffeinated herbal mix uses ingredients that relax your mind and body, perfect for a just-before-bedtime-cup of tea. The Arctic ingredient is Fireweed leaf, a subtle soothing herb that blends nicely with the more robust rooibos tea and cooling mints.

Healing Tisane: This vibrant colored tea is packed full of vitamins and immune system boosting herbs.  A great tea to take to combat a cold or the flu.  The Arctic ingredients include labrador tea, and wormwood leaf (aka caribou leaf or stinkweed) both or which are widely used by the arctic peoples for a all around healing brew.

Skin Tisane: This medicinal brew is packed full of ingredients that will help clear your skin, and help rid your body of harmful toxins. It includes wildcrafted dandelion root, burdock root and nutrients used to cleanse. Use when your diet or environment is causing havoc on your skin! Best if used with other natural acne fighting products. 

Labrador Afternoon Tea: Like a lot of people I drink coffee in the morning.   Sometimes I over do it and end up crashing in the afternoon.  Instead of reaching for more coffee we instead brew a few cups of this much more healthy caffeinated drink.  This tea takes advantage of the stimulating effects of Labrador tea and combines it with a touch of caffeine and other healthy herbs.

Crowberry Tisane:  This fruity non-caffeinated herbal mix uses ingredients that soothe stomach discomfort, everything from heartburn, to stomachache to gas, to cramps.  The Arctic ingredients include soothing crowberry leaf and dried crowberries, which lend a very dark cast to the brew and a beautiful tart berry flavor.

Cloudberry Tisane: Stress is a natural part of life, so treat short term stress naturally. This pale tea soothes you using two methods: via sipping herbs known for easing stress and symptoms of stress, and through aromatherapy. I have included herbs that release calming scents when they hit hot water. I suggest inhaling the aroma of your cup of hot tea as you sip. The arctic ingredient is Cloudberry Leaf, known to sooth a stomachs upset by stress and tension and also known to add a fruity herbal smell that eases your mind.

All the information offered on uses of herbs are created for educational purposes only and should not be considered any sort of medical advice for anyone. All information and recommendations are not directly meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease or illness. It is essential for every reader to always check with his or her physician or any qualified health care specialist prior to following any advice or taking any product mentioned on here. 
Please enjoy researching these herbs as much as I do!

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